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A Simple Existence / Wallpaper*

The Middle of Somewhere / LensCulture 

Postcards from Down Under / The Telegraph Magazine

Photographs of a New Life / The Australian Weekend Magazine

L’Oeil de la Photographie / Alison Stieven-Taylor

Book of the Week: by Daniel Boetker-Smith / photo-eye

Life Advice from Sam Harris / Colin Pantall

ABC TV Moments & Light / ABC Open TV

Living In The Middle of Somewhere / Ceiba Editions Blog

One Year Later / Ceiba Editions Blog

Two Years Later / Ceiba Editions Blog

Father Documents His Daughters’ Childhood / Feature Shoot

Sam Harris: The End, the Beginning, and the Middle of Somewhere / Momento Pro

Book Review: The Middle of Somewhere | Sam Harris / Better Photography

Better Photography / Raj Lalwani

ABC Radio National / Claire Nichols

Pro PhotoMagazine – Head On / Lyndal Irons

Burn Magazine / The Middle of Somewhere

Burn Magazine / Postcards from Home (2011)

Burn Magazine / Postcards from Home (2009)

Mutant Space / Moray Mair

CDC / Alasdair Foster

Cómo la hice / Calvin Dexter

The Sunday Telegraph / Amy Raphael

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